Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thing of the Month: Fountain Pen

The Fountain Pen
(Pictured, Pilot Metropolitan)

This months "thing" is the fountain pen, for many the fountain pen is some what of a status symbol while for others who have never wrote with one know little or nothing about them.  Well lets start with a brief history of why they lost popularity.

1.  Ballpoint pens took over in the 1960s as the everyday pen and a cheaper option.

Like I said Brief. 

Anyhow the fountain pen has stuck around they are still an excellent writing tool and to many (including myself) out do most if not all ballpoint pens. Nothing beats the feel of a nicely weighted fountain pen in the hand and the smooth flow of ink that a good fountain pen has to offer.

So who is a fountain pen for?  They make a great gift for fathers day, groomsmen gifts, college graduates, and to the pen aficionados out there.

Go pick one up for your self you wont be disappointed. 

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